Virtual and Augmented Reality Expertise

Leveraging years of experience with a national level research facility, and active leadership in the creation and promotion of an XR Community of Practice, DracoSoftware has extensive experience working with various XR platforms. Conslulting and training expertise includes the feilds of software development, platform capabilities and limitations, user interface design, user experience design, application architecture, game development, and industry trends assessment. Specific hardware platforms include Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR, and Google Cardboard / Daydream. Specific software platforms include Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Vuforia, ThingWorx, and ARToolkit.

Model Driven Software Engineering

DracoModel is an on-line MDS tool which empowers developers to build an object model extremely quickly, and then export it to various software platforms. Still in-progress, this project is available to try here

Application and Web Development

Unless aligned with the XR or MDS lines of effort, DracoSoftware is no longer performing desktop application and web development consulting services. Legacy applications remain available for download as a service to those audiences.

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